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  1. Many of my images are lost and they seem to be lost even in the note history. What should I do? There are so many problems with the new evernote.
  2. I am enjoying the new version 10 of the evernote. I love the app and I can wait for the new upgrades that are coming. I am a student and I had some audio files that are no longer playable but again I am willing to wait for that update. But something I cannot wait for is the print function. In the previous version 6, it was possible to print without trouble. With regards to charts and tables, they were properly allingned so so when priting all the text within the tables were visible. But now with the new upgrade It isnt working and its a pain and there is nothing I can do to print my notes prop
  3. It changed my note name to the first line of the note , the usual for the older version. My problem is with printing, I cant print like i used to which is the reason why I downloaded the legacy app. Half my tables in the prints are missing , its just not there anymore.
  4. I really have some issues with the new evernote. Printing is a huge issue, it is biting off the pages whereas in the old version it was shrinking the table down while in the portrait print mode. Now its just nuisance. My exam is tomorrow and I cant print my notes . The reliability of this app is going down by the day. Consider this a request from a long term user for fixing basic issues. We went from please give us an upgrade to please give us the things you had good, back.
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