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  1. I am on Mac Lion with 5.2.0 beta 2, and have been updating as the new versions arrive. Lately I have noticed that Evernote refuses to add the helper app to StartupItems no matter what I do with the Preferences check box. If I add the helper myself manually it will never remove it either. I see no obvious errors in Console other than that is updated the preferences. Also, the menu bar icon only appears when Evernote is running. The Preference setting has no effect there either.
  2. Lion 10.7.3 and 3.1.0 beta 1 crashed every time I open, edit, and close a plain text note. I turned off beta updates then turned them on again. The I tried opening, editing, saving then closing and now the original behavior has not returned. I don't know if writing the pref file solved this or what? As a general rule the menu bar item has not loaded at login (Snow Leopard or Lion) for months and none of the betas seem to help. After a reboot the startup item appears as "Unknown". Of course the iTunes helper keeps reinstalling too and that does the same thing.
  3. I am running 3.0.6 and OSX 10.6.8. The Evernote prefs will add the helper to my startup items but next time I log in the startup item says "Unknown" and no helper opens. I have tried deleting the startup item several times but the same thing always happens. I am not positive but I think this works on my Macbook Air running 10.7.3.
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