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  1. I have spent probably too much time thinking about how to best make use of tags at both the data entry and search phases of using Evernote. I want to make these suggestions for future enhancements to Evernote's tagging capability. / Allow a preference to force Evernote to display only tags already used in a notebook when I am tagging a new or existing note in the notebook. I have lots of tags on disparate subjects. Finding the right tags can be hard because of the number of tags and cumbersome because many tags will apply only to a subset of notebooks (e.g., notebooks in a particular stack). Of course, if I type in a tag that has not been previously used in the notebook, Evernote would either add a new tag (if the tag is not in the Evernote database at all) or apply the existing tag and thereafter show it as having been used in that notebook. This capability would be especially useful in the web clipper. / Allow a preference to force Evernote to apply all parent tags of a child tag when the child tag is applied to a note. / Enhance tag searching to understand date values so that I can search tags that contain date values (i.e., mm/dd/yy or yyyymmdd) using operators such as "after" or "before" or "between". / Enhance tag searching to allow mathematical comparison operators on tags that have numerical values (e.g., > and < and = and != and <= and =>). / Allow tagging of notebooks. Also, +1 for a tag merging capability. Multiple tags with similar or identical meaning (e.g., singular and plural) happen all the time. Yes, I know I can search for all notes with Tag-A and then apply Tag-B. Thanks for considering.
  2. Yes. This is a crucial capability. Viewing only the tags assigned to notes in a notebook is important because notebooks can contain notes on widely divergent topics. When I am adding a note to a notebook, I'd prefer to see only tags already assigned to notes in that notebook, but with the option, of course, to see all tags.
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