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  1. Adding my vote for Markdown support I'v been using Evernote since 2006 ! with premium subs. and just started to evaluate Bear which has MD as core feature It hurts to say that as I'm a big fan of Evernote, but I'm overall concerned about responsiveness from Evernote on users's requests and bug fixes over the last Ys
  2. Hello @Evernote - this is disappointing to see that for such an impacting bug (which looks like a regression), you are not able to provide any ETA for a fix , even after two months. Would be great to get an update ... thanks in advance! - cc @nicolml
  3. same here - this is really annoying and disable the ability to build document out of successive screenshots Evernote team, please provide a switch to control this behavior or revert to the old one.
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