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  1. I don't think there is that many complaints.

    I would argue the biggest problem Evernote keep making for themselves is they make a big change to a feature that people use a lot but don't document it, lots of complaints here are simple ones like the missing notebook hierarchy in the left hand panel (I only found out about this as it's briefly shown in the YouTube video and it's mentioned in the Beta thread here) another Saved Searches it's almost completely hidden in the Edit > Find sub menu. New notebooks default to synchronised another 'feature'.

    If you don't pay attention to the Evernote blog and simply download the app from the App store and use it you'd have been thrown in the deep end with this update and people who just want to get work done their workflow is thrown up in the air by having to learn everything all over again.

    They would do well to dump a new note in the default notebook during first run listing additions, changes and where they went "Moved saved searches to Edit > Find > Save Search menu" that's all that was needed instead I spent 10mins googling trying to find out.

  2. FilipB

    This is the right place, Evernote staff read pretty much every post.

    I guess you know that going back isn't going to happen.

    Your best bet is to add constructive criticism detailing what you'd like to see.

    Old version:

    Arrow UP+DOWN+LEFT+RIGHT to browse ALL notebooks in tree view.

    In any notebook I could use WHEEL or TRACKPAD to scroll up and down. I did not need to move mouse or to click on it. I just use wheel or scroll using two fingers on trackpad.

    4 KEYS and SCROLLING to browse ALL notes with knowing where I am looking ( in which notebook ) Very fast!

    No mouse move, no mouse click! And everything browsed.

    5.0 Version.

    You have to use MOUSE and click on each notebook just to look what is inside. When there is a lot of notes you have to move mouse to next window and scroll there. ( or use keyboard to scroll down )

    Then you have to click on next notebook. You have to point with a mouse on tiny treeview. Or select it harder way with more click in the middle of right screen.

    Try it yourself.

    Look what is in each notebook in UI 5.0. Very very slow. Evernote becoming useless!

    You can just use Cmd+J to open the notebook selector and use up down arrow keys to select a notebook press enter to open it and again use arrow keys to browse the notes.

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  3. Seems ok to me, a few tweaks here and there would be useful though.

    • Note/Tag count in the left hand column
    • Clarification on how saved searches are created
    • Tag filtering was awkward in the old version now it's simpler, perhaps too simple
    • Search box should be a bit better e.g. "Tag:2012" should automatically pick up that I want to search for the 2012 tag. At the moment it seems it can only be done through the mouse selecting "Add Search Option"
    • Option to clear recent searches (I've now got a list of dodgy searches that I've been testing out)

    Must say I like the shortcuts section and that it can hold anything

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