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  1. Sent Support a ticket on this.. sounds like it's a known issue, though no timeframe given.
  2. Thanks for the quick note. I've actually already completed the "Simplify Formatting" step. Should've mentioned that in original post. Also, the page is already displayed well and I can scroll up and down without any issues. The issue comes when I hit "Ctrl + F". Evernote freezes for 10+ seconds and no keystrokes are recorded - no text in the box, can't scroll the note, etc..
  3. I have a rather large, web clipped note (16 MB, 100,000 words) that bogs down my system completely when trying to find within a note. I thought that maybe the note was being indexed the first time and then the lag would stop, but that wasn't the case. It happens every time, and the lag is 10+ seconds with Evernote taking 40%+ of my CPUs resources. I have seen the lag in search shown for proportionally sized notes: that is a 4 MB note would have roughly 1/4 of the delay time of the 16 MB note. I'm not well versed in search algorithms but it could be something to do with the method that Evernote uses. Anyone else seeing this? Version info: 10.9.10-win-ddl-public (2439) Editor: v119.1.15375 Service: v1.30.2 © 2019 - 2021 Evernote Corporation. All rights reserved
  4. Not working for me either. On Win 10, EN 10.7.6 (2321).
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