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  1. It's been so long ago that I needed to submit a ticket that I forgot how it works. I just submitted one and I expect that in a day of so Help will get back to me. OK fine. But I forgot how they do that. Email? Or somewhere within my EN online user account. I am wondering where I need to go look. Thanks
  2. When a Premium member submits a Help work order, is that handled by EN employees or is it outsourced to another company?
  3. I missed your answer to this question about your response. I apologize for not seeing it. "If this is an iTouch-specific issue ..." How would I know?
  4. On the Touch my tag list has become useless because of all the scrolling that it takes to get through all the tags - because the only view provided in the fully expanded view. This means that the only way to search is to do a word search. This means that when I create a note on the desktop and tag it using the tags that are in the extraordinarily useful tag hierarchy I THEN have to type keywords, into the text of the note because if I do not do so then the search on the Touch will not find it. Example: On the desktop, I clip to EN a ravioli recipe. After syncing the desktop, I go to the note and tag it with the tags (from the hierarchy) "pasta" "recipes" "ravioli". The problem is that the text of the recipe does not contain the word "pasta". I sync the desktop to EN. I then sync the Touch. Now, on the Touch I want to see all my pasta recipes. I have two ways to search. (a) One way is to ruin my thumbs by scrolling through every tag all the way down "p". When I finally get to the tag "pasta" I will see all the pasta recipes including the one for ravioli, this is a good result but for my thumbs. ( The other way to search on the Touch is to word search for "pasta". This will not find that ravioli recipe because that recipe does not contain the word "pasta". So, when I created the note in the first place, I should have read the recipe to see whether it contains all the words that come to mind that I might want at some unforeseeable time in the future base a word search on rather than scrolling though my tags. If the tag hierarchy would collapse/expand, then method (a) would work without my having to sacrifice my thumbs. But, as the system stands currently, I need to perform double tagging (using the actual tags, and then typing the names of the tags into the note's text for searches on the Touch). It is very possible that I am overlooking something because I cannot possibly be the only user who cannot avoid this problem. That is why I posted this topic twice, hoping that someone would tell me what I am overlooking.
  5. I posted my question in January, 2010 in the correct forum, namely the one devoted to iPhone, iPad, and Touch. I received no response. That is why I posted it as a suggestion in this forum, as the first sentence of my posting explains. "If this is an iTouch-specific issue ..." How would I know?
  6. I never got EN feedback on this. Collapsing tag hierarchy would really help me. Is this feature already on board, and I just haven't found it?
  7. This is nothing urgent. But I am wondering whether EN is considering doing something along these lines or, if, instead, the idea is a non-starter for certain reasons. The more that I use tags - which work great BTW - the more that I long for being to collapse and expand them on the handheld so that I can avoid scrolling and scrolling and scrolling ....
  8. Please provide me with a link your direct responder thanks
  9. It is rare, to say the least, for a developing company's CTO to be hands on in the user Help Forum, so by no means am I suggesting that David Engberg become more involved, although I think that all of us truly are grateful for his on-line efforts while he somehow juggles that with the task of growing the company. My suggestion is that EN not presume that a help request, having drawn a response from an evangelist, has been resolved, particularly when it comes to sending money to EN. Booking sales should be as smooth as silk, evangelists notwithstanding. A company's employees should be the front line in sales transactions help requests because that is where their paychecks get funded.
  10. After waiting for a reply, I went to a restaurant that happened to have wifi access. On the handheld, I found that took just a few obvious clicks to accomplish this simple task. Anyone reading this thread should disregard the previous (Rube Goldberg) advice given.
  11. "Log on to the web account, go to your Settings page, and hit the "Cancel" link there. You will continue to be Premium for the remainder of the month that you've already paid, but then you will revert to Free at the end of your month. Then, you can upgrade to an annual subscription. (We'll send you an email when your Premium subscription ends as a polite reminder...)" There is no "cancel" button on my Settings page as far as I can tell. Assuming that someday I find the Cancel button, the above text confuses me. Does this mean that I need to fall back to Free and then convert to Premium; and that during the Free-to-Premium conversion I can opt for Annual? If this is what it means then can I do the following? 1. Stop hunting for the Cancel button 2. Do nothing on Jan 30, 2010, my current expiration date 3. On Feb 1, I will have a Free account 4. On Feb 1, I can upgrade from Free to Premium, during the upgrade process, I can opt for annual.
  12. My pro account is for just 1 month. How do I convert that into annual? In my account billing location I can't find anywhere to do that? I need to do this today (I just noticed).
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