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  1. Just got off Evernote Support Chat and they instructed me to install the latest version 6.13.1 (not in AppStore yet, but available from the website). That seems to have fixed the problem for me for now.
  2. Stil not working on a clean install of Evernote 6.13 on High Sierra 10.13.1.
  3. It has always been possible to select text in PDFs from within Evernote. Recently that functionality has been inconsistent, and often it has not worked at all. I'm hoping this will be fixed as well.
  4. I'm seeing messed up lists similar to what LSS1 is reporting. I discovered that exporting the note at HTML will produce a list in HTML that looks correct. So this seems to be a rendering issue in Version 6.10 Beta 1. I must admit I've been using Evernote betas in my production environment for several years without issues with corrupted notes, so I was a bit shocked by this. Evernote has always been exceptionally stable in keeping my notes safe, but I will definitely be more careful now that corruption feels only a checkbox away. Edit: Sorry, I didn't see that this had already been dealt with. Glad to hear that you guys already have a working fix. Good job!
  5. Excellent, thanks for the info. Workaround works. Beta 4 is not available to me yet, but I will investigate once I get it and report back if I find other problems.
  6. OS: OSX 10.10.5 (14F1021) Evernote: Version 6.2 Beta 3 (452506 Direct) Previously you were able to right-click on the PDF logo in the top left of an embedded PDF file in Evernote and click "Open in..". Now when I right-click a PDF Evernote selects the whole PDF and (ironically) shows options such as "Convert Note to PDF" (see screenshot).. This is not really helpful at all. Edit: So I can't seem to get the attach function to work, so here is a screenshot on Imgur: https://imgur.com/cNAEDSQ
  7. When I try to move notes from a notebook that is shared with be, but that I don't have write access to, Evernote on my Mac pretends to move the notes to a local notebook. In fact they are not moved at all, as I can confirm by looking at my Evernote notebook on the webpage.
  8. You can select some text, image, file, whatever and drop-and-drop it to the big icon in the dock. Why not make this feature available for the small elefant in the menubar as well? Would make a lot of sense I think. It wouldn't have to mean that Evernote has to open when you drop something on the Menubar. A lot of the time its a lot nicer if it just stays in the background instead of interrupting you every time you add a note.
  9. Wow, nice! This has just become my favorite Evernote trick as well. It even launches Evernote for you if its not running.
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