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  1. When I am tagging a note, there is one interface/control. When I am tagging multiple notes there is another interface (an amazing one, btw). When moving notes there is another interface. There is a separate control for merging notes. These separate pop-up interfaces should be combined into one pop-up with tabs so that when I am done tagging, I can move. When I am done merging, I can tag and move without having to go to a different place for each action. I sketched how it would look: When multiple notes are selected, the merge tab would be accessible. When only one note is selected, it would be grayed out.
  2. Ever since the day (a few weeks ago) when the Sandbox accounts were migrated to new servers, my email-to-Evernote has not worked for my Sandbox account. I have reset the email address, but that did not resolve the problem.
  3. thanks for your answer. why then does the Windows client have a built-in Important/One Note Files tool? That gives me the impression that it will do an intelligent conversion of a .one into an Evernote Notebook or series of Notes. Thanks, Mark
  4. I am using Windows client I am trying to important Onenote files. After I select the notebook to import and click OK, nothing happens. Any suggestions? Thanks, Mark
  5. I have a very large account and have been suffering right along with all of you with these same problems for a couple of years now. A couple of days ago, I saw Lesicaire's suggestion to move to an SSD. My C: drive is an SSD, but I have had Evernote's database on a 2nd internal drive because it is so large (25GB). Before I moved my database files to the SSD, I used REVO Uninstaller to completely uninstall Evernote. I downloaded the latest version of Evernote and re-downloaded my database to my SSD C: drive. The download happened overnight. I had a sync error, but eventually it seemed to finish syncing and it appeared to be done. Evernote, was worse than ever. It was unusable. It would only unfreeze long enough to freeze again. Next (further leveraging my years of experience with Evernote support), I opened Evernote in de-bug mode* and selected "Optimize Database" from the debug menu (next to help). This took a few hours and seemed to fail the first time, but I ran it again and it seemed to work. Here is the punchline: Evernote has been working perfectly. It hasn't frozen once! I can do other things while it is syncing and sync doesn't sometimes take 5 minutes for no reason. Every morning it takes Evernote minutes to open after I boot up my PC, but this morning it opened immediately without freezing. I hope it lasts, but I am optimistic because I've done all kinds of troubleshooting before and it never worked this well even for a short period of time. Thanks Lesicaire! *to run Evernote in debug mode, type: evernote.exe/debugmenu in the Run Dialog in Windows
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