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  1. Ever since the day (a few weeks ago) when the Sandbox accounts were migrated to new servers, my email-to-Evernote has not worked for my Sandbox account. I have reset the email address, but that did not resolve the problem.
  2. thanks for your answer. why then does the Windows client have a built-in Important/One Note Files tool? That gives me the impression that it will do an intelligent conversion of a .one into an Evernote Notebook or series of Notes. Thanks, Mark
  3. I am using Windows client I am trying to important Onenote files. After I select the notebook to import and click OK, nothing happens. Any suggestions? Thanks, Mark
  4. I have a very large account and have been suffering right along with all of you with these same problems for a couple of years now. A couple of days ago, I saw Lesicaire's suggestion to move to an SSD. My C: drive is an SSD, but I have had Evernote's database on a 2nd internal drive because it is so large (25GB). Before I moved my database files to the SSD, I used REVO Uninstaller to completely uninstall Evernote. I downloaded the latest version of Evernote and re-downloaded my database to my SSD C: drive. The download happened overnight. I had a sync error, but eventually it seemed to fini
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