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  1. Ditto to all of the above. Now evaluating alternatives for all our users as the core functionality that made this product once so useable is no longer there. Clearly the company does not listen to customers. How can you roll out a new version that is many steps backward in functionality and trumpet this is a great new version. This release has done more harm to the value proposition than anything I can imagine. As a guest lecturer at well known business schools, this will make for a great case study in the utter value destruction product managers and leaders can do to a once great brand and product. The long term cost of alienating your most supportive users will be much greater than anyone at Evernote expected. Fix this issue now, before too many power users leave for greener pastures - from which they will not return ever.
  2. Integrations and the ease of clipping was one of the main reasons I moved from MS OneNote to Evernote. Removing this capability is reason enough to make me move back. Really sucks. Additionally the tagging function was removed from the share function in iOS. WTF Evernote - do you really want to ruin your value proposition?
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