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  1. I'm actually really pissed about this. I got the same notice today. I've been a long time Evernote premium subscriber, and I got no notice whatsoever that my account was about to expire. This is really bad customer service. I've defended the Evernote price increases in the past and of course I will upgrade but I am super pissed off at Evernote right now. On top of all the other ***** that Evernote's been doing lately, don't be surprised if a lot of people decided just to not renew.
  2. I'd love to hear what alternative outlining tools people are using on Mac. I sometimes would like to make an outline, and I go off and do a search (I found Workflowy that way as well). And every one of the tools I find has significant problems. E.g., in Workflowy, I can't have two sections of the outline open at the same time. And Workflowy seemed to be the best one the last time I looked. So, what I do instead is make my outlines in Markdown format. I tend not to have to share my notes, so this works pretty well: They are plain text, which means Evernote has NO problems with them, they are readable by me; if I need to format them I can load them into a Markdown formatter (which I never do, actually); and I don't have to worry about multiple bullets on the same line. Which, btw, if you've dealt with other web-based editors (remember that Evernotes have to be editable on the web) you know they ALL have this problem. This is because, fundamentally, HTML is not a robust format for word processing, even if it's OK for presentation. And make no mistake, claims earlier in this thread to the contrary, outlines *are* word processing - there is formatting meta to the content itself. If Evernote wanted to solve *that* problem, they could create an all new robust word processing module, raise the price by $100 and lose a lot of cross-platform compatibility for about 10 years (that's how long it took Microsoft to nearly get cross-platform right with Word).
  3. +1 for plain text. I do all my notes on the desktop client in plain text. That meant I could edit them on the old iPad/iPhone client, too. But now that the IOS devices always convert everything to rich text, and in a non-correct way (paragraph separators are done incorrectly is the main - and huge - problem), I don't feel at all comfortable editing notes on IOS anymore. That's a big step backward for me. And would be solved instantly if the plain text option were available.
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