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  1. Christina - please see the solution that I posted under the thread that Heather pointed to. Looks like we had a similar issue - stopping and restarting the Windows Installer Service solved the issue.
  2. Had bootstrapper.cpp error code. Found instructions for stopping/restarting Windows Installer Service (disable, reboot, reset to manual and start) to be the ticket. See: http://sherylcanter.com/wordpress/2008/12/another-installation-already-in-progress-but-its-not/ Turns out that some time ago, I had a failed Java update that apparently hung mid install. There were no processes that I could associate with it, but after I restarted the Windows Installer Service and initiated the Evernote install (no "bootstrapper" error - yeah!), the Installer gave some diagnostics and presented an option to roll-back the aborted Java installation. Everything proceeded without a hitch. Hope this helps.
  3. +1 - I'm coming from Phatnotes on Windows Mobile and depended heavily on having all my sensitive data (accounts/passwords, etc...) readily available - but safe. Please, Please, Please add encryption to the Android version as a priority.
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