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  1. Restarting fixed things (see above), but in case this affects anyone else- this wasn't a web clipping, it also happened just from opening a new note and typing into it. If it happens again or I figure out in more detail how to recreate it, I'll share that here.
  2. Well now I feel dumb- yes, File->Exit then relaunch seems to put things back to normal. In the past I'd only ever tried "restarting" Evernote via red X box. Lesson learned, thank you!!!
  3. I use Evernote (308919) Public (CE Build ce-62.6.10954) for Windows 10. Text display in my notes seems to be improperly scaled to the note window: lines of text run off the right/bottom edges (no matter how I adjust the window size), and when I click on text, the cursor appears below+right of where I clicked (see attached image). It's like the text is always rendered at ~110% of the actual window size. Very annoying! Any suggestions?
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