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  1. I have made a pledge to myself that I’ll stop paying for Premium subscription if the Context / Related Notes feature won’t come back by mid April 2021. Having more than 4,000 notes in my notebooks, discoverability of the past ones becomes an issue. I can’t imagine how a professional note taking service like Evernote has decided to drop such an advanced feature in favour of silly others, like integration with Apple Watch. I’m fuming really. Also, not only they dropped the feature but they have been reluctant in clarifying if it’s ever going to come back or not. I guess they hope we will just forget and move on. If the issue is purely a matter of computational cost vs % of users actually using the feature, then just make it an opt-in feature! Problem solved.
  2. Same question. Do you plan to restore “Context” / “Related Notes”? You can’t be removing features we rely upon and act like we won’t notice. Do let us know ASAP. It’s a big reason why I pay for premium.
  3. I have the very same issue, too. No comment from official EN channels. It’s really annoying since I heavily rely on it for my work. Hope we get it back and working ASAP.
  4. Good evening Evernote, The context feature has stopped working for me on all iOS and macOS devices, as well as on the Web. What’s going on? It’s been more than 2 weeks now. No notice from official Evernote channels, too. Any update? I heavily rely on it, and I’m actually paying for it. It’s included in the Premium plan.
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