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  1. OK, I accept that. But I do think it is an improvement. I will note that if I create a new note and insert my template, I am then capable of copying it now to an old note. Interesting that I can copy it from an old note, but cannot create it in an old note. Thanks for the help though.
  2. I have a template for contact information. I already have a note or I have scanned something with information in it. I want to add the contact info using my template. The other situation is going in and cleaning up some notes and organizing the formats better. I have to create a new note and then copy the information into the new note. It would be so much easier to simply add the template to the other information about the contact.
  3. I have a note that I would like to add one of my templates to. I can't find a way unless I create a NEW note. Ideas?
  4. Yes. I tried others and thought I had it working and that I could live with that. But alas, it ended up freezing there too. Sometimes it will work for hours before it freezes. But then again sometimes it freezes as soon as I click on the first note.
  5. For a while now, Evernote freezes in the online version. Many times, as soon as I bring up the program, it will freeze and ask if I want to wait. Waiting doesn't help. I like the online version but this is terribly unpredictable. Sometimes it works great, but most of the time it will end up freezing and I will have to close the window. I love Evernote, but I wish this would get resolved. It requires me to use the downloaded software, which does not have the same issue. This happens on at least two different systems. All software is up to date.
  6. Also, after editing (and I say scrambling) with the edit, the original without the protection shows on the thumbnail. So whatever I protected can still be see just to the left in the thumbnail.
  7. You might get by until it is fixed if you disconnect from network by wifi or cable. NO INTERNET CONNECTION and use the local program on your computer. It will at least let you search. Temp, I know. But at least you can do something. Haven't tried it on a phone yet.
  8. OK. Same here. If I disconnect my network cable, it also starts working with wifi off. I love the changes, but it is more important to have it working properly than it is to have all the bells and whistles.
  9. When the desktop comes up and I do a search, usually with multiple search arguments, it freezes and I have to close the window. As suggested by someone, I deleted all of the cookies and history. That didn't help. It WILL run in Incognito mode apparently and in Microsoft Edge without issue. I guess it could be some extension, but I have no idea which. I may try removing the Evernote extension to see if that works. Anyone else have any answers?
  10. I am running Windows 10. My online version keeps crashing. I love this version, but it locks up mostly after doing a search. I have tried rebooting, not having the downloaded version running, and several other ideas. It even does this after being the first job started in the morning after a reboot. Sometimes it doesn't finish the search and sometimes it finishes but does allow me to access the note. I get a window up that asks me if I want to wait, but it never restarts. I have to cancel the window and restart. It also takes longer to restart.
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