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  1. Support finally came back bout this yesterday. I'm not going to quote them but basically I was recommended to delete the local database and enable on-demand syncing. Quite a questionable suggestion - sure, it ticks off the ticket in a way...with complete disregard to data integrity. Which is one of the most important aspects to be using Evernote with cloud sync. Btw, the Web client issue can be resolved by emptying the Chrome site cache (developer tools, application tab. clear site data).
  2. Hope so - it's not exactly a complicated application. Anyway, thanks again for the help, at least I can continue focusing on the work without worrying about this for now.
  3. Thanks, if I switch back to the old version on the web client, indeed everything is there. The reason I didn't even think about this is that in almost any sync related howto the web is treated as the reference platform. Not very confidence inspiring to be honest.
  4. I found some tips on the forum to try to delete the stuck note by making a new one, merge them then delete the merged note. I created another note, moved to the trash, selected both, clicked Merge.. "Synchronizing notes..." progress dialog popped up and there is zero network activity from Evernote.
  5. Hi, I'm a quite heavy daily user of Evernote (Premium) but I only use it on a single computer - and occasionally on my phone to update some TODO list. Today I went to the web client to check if there is anything amiss -- shock and horror, the last update was from September 11. Since then I've created a few new notebooks, tags, created/annotated/uploaded a ton of documents - none of them are visible on the web client. I did not run out of quota and since then I got my quota renewed anyway. I use the web clipper - no issues whatsoever. A few days ago I noticed that my phone updates were coming through in a weird way, like some collision is happening but I had more important things to do. One other clue: there is a document in my trash (not sure where it came from) that is impossible to edit on the Windows client. It doesn't have a title, content or anything and it seems to be locked (whatever that means). It cannot be moved or deleted. In the Tools>Account info, the sync data usage is incremented in a meaningful way. Log - not sure about that 0% syncstate Evernote for Windows (309091) Public OS: Windows 10.0.19041 [...] 17:03:28 [INFO ] [12308] [1028] 0% Loaded updateCount: 85419 17:03:29 [INFO ] [12308] [1028] 0% Usage Metrics: sessionCount=0 17:03:29 [INFO ] [12308] [1028] 0% SyncState: devices used: 2 17:03:29 [INFO ] [12308] [1028] 0% Client is up to date with the server, updateCount: 85419 17:03:31 [INFO ] [12308] [3156] Client synchronization finished, status: complete 17:03:31 [INFO ] [12308] [3156] * elapsed time: 3s 17:05:04 [INFO ] [2808] [7824] Exiting EvernoteSubprocess.exe 17:05:32 [INFO ] [12308] [10744] Client synchronization started 17:05:32 [INFO ] [12308] [7048] 0% Loaded updateCount: 85419 17:05:33 [INFO ] [12308] [7048] 0% Usage Metrics: sessionCount=0 17:05:33 [INFO ] [12308] [7048] 0% SyncState: devices used: 2 17:05:33 [INFO ] [12308] [7048] 0% Client is up to date with the server, updateCount: 85419 17:05:35 [INFO ] [12308] [10744] Client synchronization finished, status: complete 17:05:35 [INFO ] [12308] [10744] * elapsed time: 3s 17:07:36 [INFO ] [12308] [1984] Client synchronization started 17:07:36 [INFO ] [12308] [5704] 0% Loaded updateCount: 85419 17:07:38 [INFO ] [12308] [5704] 0% Usage Metrics: sessionCount=0 17:07:38 [INFO ] [12308] [5704] 0% SyncState: devices used: 2 17:07:38 [INFO ] [12308] [5704] 0% Client is up to date with the server, updateCount: 85419 17:07:40 [INFO ] [12308] [1984] Client synchronization finished, status: complete 17:07:40 [INFO ] [12308] [1984] * elapsed time: 3s 17:09:40 [INFO ] [12308] [13192] Client synchronization started 17:09:40 [INFO ] [12308] [7716] 0% Loaded updateCount: 85419 17:09:42 [INFO ] [12308] [7716] 0% Usage Metrics: sessionCount=0 17:09:42 [INFO ] [12308] [7716] 0% SyncState: devices used: 2 17:09:42 [INFO ] [12308] [7716] 0% Client is up to date with the server, updateCount: 85419 17:09:44 [INFO ] [12308] [13192] Client synchronization finished, status: complete 17:09:44 [INFO ] [12308] [13192] * elapsed time: 3s 17:09:57 [INFO ] [9672] [13688] Starting EvernoteSubprocess.exe : 9672 17:09:58 [INFO ] [2800] [10436] Starting EvernoteSubprocess.exe : 2800 17:09:58 [INFO ] [9984] [10188] Starting EvernoteSubprocess.exe : 9984 What do I do? Most important thing is not losing these documents. Thanks!
  6. And it happened again...seems like if there is too much action, the sync will undo the moves in a half assed way.
  7. Hi forum, Originally I had a single notebook with around 2000 notes that I kept organizes by tagging but as it became cumbersome and to introduce another level of organisation, I decided to split it out to multiple notebooks. Tag system: Default notebook > note Parent tag > x tag > note Parent tag > y tag > note2 z tag > note Notebook system: Research (stack) > x (new notebook) > note x tag > note y tag > note This felt straightforward and a common use case, so I went one by one to the tags (x, y) and drag&dropped the notes to the relevant notebooks. It was all fine and dandy, I could see the notes, I could see the note count. Once confirmed, I deleted the tags. ... Then I worked outside Evernote and when I next looked at it: it all went to hell and now I don't have either the tagging or the notebook way to categorize, just a huge mess in my original notebook. Now what? It seems to be syncing endlessly now but there is no apparent change in the notes. Is it trying to reupload everything just because they were moved?
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