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  1. I love all the auto format functionality -- EXCEPT auto-capitalization. Some time recently, it seems that the rules have been changed around this feature. When I type in all caps, Evernote decides to change the case. When I type one word at the start of the line, Evernote decides I want that word capitalized. Neither of those situations are adding value for me so it would be great to have auto-cap as a separate selectable options, apart from just turning on/off Auto Format. The other auto-format functions I can finesse. If I want to create a bullet list, I now how to do that by typing a dash and hitting the space bar. If I don't want to create a bullet, I also know who to avoid that. Same with numbered lists and the horizontal line. In this situation I can't finesse it or avoid it, especially when I want to use ALL CAPS.
  2. CTRL+CMD+H no longer works for highlighting text for me. I'm on a Mac running OS 10.15.3, Evernote Desktop for mac v7.14. Is anyone else having this issue? Very frustrating to have to use the mouse every time I want to highlight 😖
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