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  1. Hi, Do it first, Microsoft - Evernote Add-Inn's for Connection Problem After that, when you install Evernote, signup and open both program, Evernote and Outlook.. Check Add-Inn's in Outlook. If these buttons not checked, check.. If there in not buttons for EverNote, Read article which shared above. After that, Check your Outlook File Options. Because of the speed of Evernote, Outlook blocking Add-Inn's. It is almost 1.5 sn.. Allow the notfication. After that you will see an active icon on your tab in outlook.
  2. Topic directed to Tags with the last comment but there is a way that I saw on a tutorial. After this, I tried but I could not find (Tutorial was about generally interface, not about stacks..) how can I create stacks in a stack to add notes. I add a screenshot to understand, how people creating stack inside of stacks. Maybe the topic would be spoken again... Youtube link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kSz9uavfLpI This screen showing after : 13:22 - https://youtu.be/kSz9uavfLpI?t=802
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