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  1. ABSOLUTLEY! The original version of Evernote allowed you to share a note and email it directly as PDF. I emailed hundreds of notes as PDFs so easily to lawyers, doctors, etc. who really just needed the note and not anything else. BRING IT BACK
  2. For weeks I have been trying to speak to someone at Evernote. They screwed up my accpout and dropped me to FREE. I have paid for buisiness, downgraded, then paid for Premium 3 Times!!! My account still says FREE even after paying. I cannot contact support because my account STILL SAYS FREE and you don't get technical support if your account is FREE. So I an unable to contact chat support or ANYONE there for help for a legitamate PAID client.
  3. Thanks BurgersNFries, the post's seem "Date Due" feature oriented. The issue for me, is that 95% of the time I'm not using dates, the projects are lists of open/in-process/finished tasks (i.e- checked or unchecked boxes). Dates become less useful for me because many unexpected projects get created and all priorities change instantly. Having to change all the due dates and milestones would not work well for me. When I ask my boss, which #1 priority project I should work on, he says "All of them!".
  4. The choices (i.e.- CC, BCC, signature, etc.) and formatting (None) when sending a Note via the email feature is also very primitive. I send notes and attachments to my lawyer, etc., they should have a refined caliber, since that reflects on me, and I want to be professional. Some work on that would be nice. Thx, LGV
  5. I just started to use Egretlist with Evernote for To-Do lists, projects and tasks. See http://www.mindsmomentum.com/egretlist/ Egretlist can search for all unchecked "checkboxes" so I can see what tasks remain open. But Evernote can't! It won't even take a copy and paste of a checkbox (which would be a lame way to fix it anyway). Evernote MUST have features like this. How can I find open tasks then? Creating and deleting Tags? Nope, no good. Remembering Everything is great, but being really able to manage (what we're remembering) like projects, tasks and open items = EVEN BETTER. Please add more integrated task manageability. I LOVE EVERNOTE. YOU WILL ALWAYS GET MY $$$. BECOME MORE PROJECT/TASK/SEARCH SEXY PLEASE. Sincerely. LGV
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