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  1. I had this issue for a week (on Windows/Android/Web), but it seems to be resolved on my account now. I did submit a support request but the support rep didn't suggest anything that resolved the issue for me. Now, just as suddenly and silently as it stopped working, now it's working for me again. Hopefully it is working for others now.
  2. When I opened Evernote today, related notes were appearing for me again across all of my devices. I tried a bunch of things (restarting, re-installing app, deleting unwanted notes, emptying trash) but I don't think anything I did anything specifically fixed the issue. I did have a support ticket open, however. Perhaps the Context functionality is working again now for other people who were having the same issue.
  3. I am also having the same issue as Asta. I have a Premium subscription and suddenly none of my notes have related notes connected to them. I have over 2,000 notes in Evernote and I frequently use this feature to explore connections. Could someone please take a look? Regards, Gary
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