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  1. I depended in Evernote former wodget with the images 9n notes to navigate quickly and remember topics. The actual widget is a waste of soace has I don't really use it. I also dread using the new app. Its struggle to clipp everything from the web : notes format horribly, text is missing, images to. I had being payin for the premium version for years, loved the product, even got a backpack. Now I am just sad and thinking of using anything else has an electronic notebook. But I still hope your are going to come back with the former app visual. Thanks
  2. Hi I am having similar problems. It has been doing it for a month now maybe more. When I try to upload from the dolphin browser to Evernote, it constantly crashes. Dolphin give the error message and nothing uploads to Evernote. I have uninstalled both apps, cleared what I could. I have Samsung 9+. I might have coincided with some phone updates. I am not sure. It does not do the same on Chrome for Android. I prefer the Dolphin Browser. Thx
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