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  1. Thanks Scott. Max continues to look into it, but issue not yet resolved from my end. It appears my provider's email server's reputation isn't good enough (they recently changed server). Haven't got to the bottom of it yet since I still can't use the inbound-to-Evernote service. All this is teaching me a lesson about my workflows - like depending on something that suddenly may disappear! Support are being helpful, thanks. These things take time to resolve. Graham
  2. Hi, Since the DDoS I have been unable to email into Evernote. My email provider insists my mail server is not blacklisted, and says the emails are queued at Evernote. Evernote support initially agreed then came back and said that the email server had 'reputation problems' but have not explained what that means. Now they won't even reply to my ticket. (#566359) I am at a loss now. This problem started on the same day of the DDoS. I am stuck without being able to email in - its an essential part of my workflow. I've been an early adopter of Evernote and enthusiastic advocate, and also with my email provider for many years and not had this problem before, nor do I have problems sending emails to anyone else. Anyone else having this issue still? Anyone have any suggestions of what I can do, or who I can contact? Thanks Graham
  3. Still problems here in UK. No emails have got through yet since the problem started 3 days ago.
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