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  1. And they took away some major functionality which broke long standing (10 year + for me) workflows. Basic product advice: If you bring out something new, don't break what works, or have an alternate method to achieve the functionality. EN most certainly did not do this with v10.
  2. The "learn" is that EN is not providing updates. v10 is NOT better than v7.x (for Mac). It's a different tool with different functionality. Unfortunately, EN did not explain that well and most take "10" to be "better" than "7". In this case it is most certainly not better, only different. For new users, that can be good. For customers who've supported EN for 10+ years, not so much.
  3. Except that EN is saying that it IS safe. You're treating it as beta and that's good, but the general user doesn't have that background and trusted EN. Just hope we all learn from that lesson.
  4. I'm still evaluating Joplin, but am leaning towards Devonthink. I'm Mac centric, so it's a viable option. Another option to check out is theBrain.
  5. Unfortunately, after the 10.5.7 popup debacle, lack of drag and drop, CS closing issue tickets just because they answered it (NOT because it was resolved), I'm moving on after 11+ years of using EN. Most everything that, for me, made EN easy to use and useful in my life, has been changed to some undescribed, uncommunicated vision with seeming little input from users. I can't even check out 10.6 because of the lack of features that remain in legacy while I finish my transition to a new tool. However, reading the release notes, I have to wonder who's brainstorm is was to introduce a new home pag
  6. It's clear to me (personally) that EN is unwilling or unable to fix it. The blog from the CEO said that they can do things faster now. Well, yeah, they went fast from a working program to one that becomes nearly unusable and breaks one's workflow with that silly popup. Not even sure management is aware of the issue since any tickets opened about this get "resolved" when the CSR responds with "yeah, we know".
  7. @RevBarryJ As a fellow Mac user, may I ask what app you are exporting to? I'm an 11 year user who used EN to make my life simpler. It did until recently and now I'll take the time to move on.
  8. Submitted ticket and it was set to "resolved" when the CSR emailed me that "yeah, it exists. Yeah, people are complaining. No, we don't have a clue if it'll ever be fixed". So, whoever they have as support is getting a lot of credit for "solving" issues, but nothing will get fixed. Sad, sad state for Evernote.
  9. If this is a work in progress, then that means it's a beta. Missing functionality, basic issues, many bugs. Obviously a schedule for delivery is more important than ensuring the product works. The company needs to label this new version as still in beta to ensure customers know what they're getting into. For instance, apparently I can drag and drop here on the forum, but Evernote decided that wasn't functionality they wanted users to have with their product anymore.
  10. Several issues. Drag & Drop. Idiotic update popup. While the blog update from Dec 10 says "we're delivering faster than ever" what seems to be happening is Evernote is delivering poorly executed software while taking long standing functionality and stability away from the customer. Certainly not a way to keep customers and not the way to win new ones. Fast does not mean good. I highly suggest that quality be more of a focal point rather than speed.
  11. I'm sick of this popup. If this keeps up much longer, I'll be forced to export my data, close my account, and find another tool. It's too bad for as a paying customer for 11 years, Evernote starts this garbage with no ability to stop it.
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