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  1. To all above, try to uninstall the old version before you install the new update. Whenever I overwrote the older versions, I had problems. But now, I always uninstall older versions before installing new versions and they work fine. Even if you have already overwritten the new app, its OKay!...just uninstall it and install the new version,
  2. this version seems to be very buggy on my 5800. the previous version is better. and people please put the new updates in old threads as we will be notified as we are subscribed to it. thnks :-)
  3. just visit the site from phone. it will help. or just contact me on gtalk. sajinseethi(at)gmail(dot)com
  4. just download the widget, transfer it via bluetooth or via the usb. And then install the file in phone memory. thats it, you are done.
  5. wow, cool. i just came looking if any update was released. and here it is. you could have posted it in the old thread so that other users will be notified. anyway i shall do that. and i shall send the report too after using this. thanks a lot
  6. one more clarification before sending the report. Iam using the client on nokia 5800 and not n97. but of the phones have same os anyway. But are you looking for bug reports on n97 alone or something ??? Please clarify.. Regards, Sajin
  7. if we wanna send bug reports, in which email address do we have to send it ???
  8. hey guys, i have been waiting for a version for 5800, but then today i saw this beta for n97. i was so happy. the app is a lil big in size (may be coz its designed for n97). Anyway, it works well the first page gives me the option to add text note, snapshot, audio or file. apparently snapshot n audio recording seems not to work. but i still like it. Coz i have a mac and i can now sync my notes and other things well. Its a lil slow, but not a big deal. i think i can use this until an app comes out. thank u evernote ppl.
  9. please make a symbian version..or do tell us the time when u r gonna release one...please please...pretty please...
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