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  1. Ok, So lets just deal with the fact that there is no client app being written by evernote. I can understand it (to a certain degree). But, the nice guys provided their open API, so let's just build our own app. To start this, I would like to ask all of you linux guys three things: 1) Has anybody started it already??? Please step up, there are many people who would like to help. I'm sure of that. 2) If there is no answer to 1), I personally am going to do 2 things: Currently a very nice notetaking app is BasKet from the KDE environment. During the move to KDE4 (Qt4) Basket sort of missed the jump. On the net, I found that there is currently somebody doing a Qt4 port and that the first release should be still this year. I am going to try contacting the developer (Kelvie Wong) and will ask to have an integration with evernote developed. (I am unfortunately just starting to learn to work with the QT SDK, but I will for sure use this as my playground and learning experience) I urge everybody interested in a linux client to start checking out basket and help out there. Please no GTK or QT flamewars here. The basket code is at http://gitorious.org/basket Compiling it is very easy: (from the basket README:) 1) get the code: git clone git://github.com/kelvie/basket.git 2) Make sure you have the necessary development files installed: Qt kdelibs qimageblitz kdepimlibs (development files, not the applications themselves) 3) build mkdir build cd build cmake .. make make install (or sudo make install it in k/ubuntu) 4)run it: basket 3) If basket should not be a good starting point, I'll try to develop from scratch using qt. This will be where i am going to start. Anybody else is welcome to get active and find solutions and lets stop complaining. Cheers, Christophe
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