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  1. Josh, I've been going back and forth with evernote support (who have been really awesome and responsive) and I've come to realize that if I use an external mouse I can spell check a word in a table. It is only when I control-click on my MacBook trackpad that it doesn't work. It seems that control-clicking with the trackpad highlights the whole table instead of acting on the word itself. I never use an external mouse with my MacBook. It would inconvenient to impossible for me to do so most of the time. Give it a try if you can. It could be an ok workaround. I will continue to ask evernote to fix this problem. Good luck, -Eric
  2. For when I don't use the Drafts app to write I amended my journal template with a "spelling zone" to copy and paste words. It feels really awkward and I'm annoyed every time have to use it. The copy and paste operation totally messes up my flow as I'm writing but its better than staring at a misspelled word. I also just submitted an official support ticket for this issue. You may want to do the same just to see if we can't get more attention put on the issue. -Eric
  3. Josh: This has been driving me nuts for a while now. So much so that I just googled it and came upon your post. At the moment I'm using Drafts to compose my text to be placed inside the table cell. The copy and paste into evernote is certainly one step I'd prefer not to take. While I haven't searched for any other answers to this question yet I hope it is addressed here. Thanks! -Eric
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