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  1. Maybe Evernote is randomly deleting messages as a ploy to get users to sign up for premium so we can use the note history function?!
  2. This just happened again today with an important note. Any suggestions or thoughts?
  3. I've been using Evernote on my phone for a while and this problem just started happening recently (maybe with the latest version 3.3?). After creating at text note on my phone (droid 2 global) and saving it, the text will disappear. This has happened a couple of times recently and is quite frustrating. Not sure the cause?
  4. Really enjoying having evernote on my droid. One problem I noticed is that sometimes after editing the text of a note and saving it, the note doesn't always save my work. This can be quite frustrating. Thanks again for making such an awesome app. Psyched to see Evernote pumping out the updates so quickly.
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