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  1. When i make a new note, i want to add the title first, and then start typing in the text box. But if i put the cursor in the Title, and then start typing it moves the cursor down to the text box instead. I know that it makes the title automatically out of the first line of text, but i dont want that, i want to title it differently.
  2. Something is seriously wrong with Evernote on windows. I have had notes with tables in them just disappear 3 times now. I know i didnt delete them, and i know that they synced at some point, because after the first time it happened, i made sure to hit sync after any changes to the table to make sure it was saved (and yes, im positive i had internet connection). how can anyone trust using this program, when you never know if your info will disappear? What if i make changes to a note, and go back and the changes are gone? A month down the road and i wouldnt notice the changes are missing. Evernote seems to be getting worse instead of better in the last year, and i think it may be time to move on to a better program thats reliable. If that ends up being a word document, so be it.
  3. Im at a complete loss as to why this still hasnt been added after YEARS of people requesting it. Especially with the advent of better mobile device cameras, it gets to be more of an important feature everyday. There either has to be some incredible technical limitation that doesnt allow them to do it, or they cannot figure out how to monetize it, so they wont add it. I would absolutely pay for Premium if this was required for this feature. Whats even more rediculous is that you cannot even resize images in Skitch which is a program SPECIFICALLY MADE FOR ANNOTATING AND WORKING WITH IMAGES! Also the fact that on a Mac it can be done in Skitch, so why not in Windows, means you are aware people want it. If it cannot be done because of technical limitations--just say that, instead of the canned response you've been using for years-- "we are looking into adding that feature in the future..."
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