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  1. I have been using postach.io as a personal blog for a few years now, but its just a small thing, not worth paying for and I only post a handful of times per year. I guess Ill have to find something else. Im going to give blogwith.co a try.
  2. *bump* Can anyone else with a mac Try this and let me know if you can recreate the issue? Evernote folks, can you recreate it? any way to fix or get around it? TIA
  3. Hi, im sorry if I am posting this in the wrong place... If I am please direct me to the proper avenue for bug reports. I am using Chrome MAC Beta (Version 2.0.4 Beta 1 (124735)) on my Macboppk Pro with Snow Leopard... and whenever I try to use the screenclipper by pressing CMD-CTRL-C it stutters then the crosshairs freeze when I am dragging the mouse across the chrome address and favorites bar at top. I have to his ESC to release my mouse. I have tried to abate the issue by using standard versions of evernote as well I have tried with the normal Chrome as the beta channel... I have also tried clicking the elephant in the taskbar to get the screen clipper... regardless of what I do the result is the same if chrome is the foreground window. I have not had this issue with any other programs. But admittedly I use chrome the most. Has anyone else seen this or can anyone else reproduce it. I should also point out that I recently had to reformat my mac and reinstall snowleopard clean (after getting a new logic board put in by apple for the nvidia recall). After reinstalling chrome and evernote the behavior stubbornly persists. :?
  4. I may be completely ignorant here but I cant figure out what the different colors in the usage bar are telling me... anyone?
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