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  1. This is a great addition! So far I'm using it to create project widgets featuring notes with active tasks relating to that project [tag (project) + task not completed]. Also a GTD application: pin notes with tasks related to a context-specific action [e.g. tag @calls + task not completed] And a general inbox for recent unprocessed notes [-tag:* + created:day-7] any other suggestions?
  2. Thanks @PinkElephant - I had the same issue (repeated hanging of Evernote with same error message). Deleting / reinstalling did not solve the problem, but using AppCleaner to move residual files and re-downloading has solved! This seems to recur for me every time there is an EN Mac update... hope this is the last time.
  3. .... and it's still there 😞 'Something went wrong on our end, sorry about that. Please try restarting Evernote'. But neither Restart nor Quit buttons work. Force quitting, deleting app, reinstalling... again.
  4. I'm also having this problem again after installing 10.18.... which I rushed to install because it is supposed to be a bug fix update! I also had this exact issues with a previous install a few weeks ago. Neither Restart nor Quit buttons work, and I have to force quit the app. Deleted EN and re-downloading from App Store, let's hope the problem doesn't reappear.
  5. I also have this bug since 10.12 update. clicking on the note link within due date tasks view opens ‘select a note for this task’ instead of showing the note itself. the app also sometimes freezes / crashes after this action.
  6. This is something I'm experiencing across platforms (Mac & IOS). The task view by notes displays notes with zero tasks. This occurs for notes which have completed tasks. I have unchecked the 'show completed tasks' filter, so it doesn't show the completed task itself, but continues to show the note title (0) task indication, and an 'add new task' prompt below the note. This occurs even for notes which have tasks that were completed several days ago. Is this a bug? Is there a way to stop display of empty notes in the task display apart from deleting the completed task (this does make the note disappear from the task list)?
  7. This is helpful for saving note searches / filters that contain tasks. But it doesn’t yet seem possible to save filters or searches within the tasks view? Each time you filter or search it has to be done from scratch. It would be great to be able to save these .
  8. I love this update, it feels like Evernote is now starting to move forward quickly, building on a solid base. A couple of questions: is it / will it be possible to use the Evernote search syntax to search for tasks? 'Tasks' does not seem to be recognised as an operator, in the way that 'Todo' finds all checkboxes. This would enable creating (and saving) advanced searches. tagging of tasks (as mentioned above by others) and then being able to filter them would be really useful to enable GTD support. At present the filtering function includes notebooks, but not tags. Notebook filtering of tasks can be useful - for example I moved notes with personal tasks into a different notebook to work tasks so they can be seen separately, but tag filtering would make this easier.
  9. Thanks DTLow, WordServices works well with Evernote. Really useful since I often have to switch to Word simply to do a word count on a specific part of a note.
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