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  1. @Shane D. I've got all three icons. I think I've had Evernote since before there was an App Store, and I've just been updating from within the app. I'm definitely experiencing the issue where Evernote comes to the front when I try and screen grab. Also, the capture is immediately converted to a note instead of being able to add more than one capture to the scratch pad/quicknote and then convert to a note when I'm ready. I'm not sure if this is the intended behaviour, but it's also really not great.
  2. Wow, I'm super upset to find that this feature is basically gone. This was one of the most useful features of Evernote. Now the screen grab tool takes you to Evernote as soon as you click it, and then when you toggle back to whatever you actually want to capture, it only lets you capture one frame, and immediately saves to Evernote, not the scratch pad?!? Totally useless broken workflow. For actual note-taking, Evernote seems to get less useful with every update. Sigh.
  3. I want to add my voice to this appeal. I've been an evernote user since 2008, and I rarely complain about anything. Hiding all the important tools, without even keyboard shortcuts, and mysteriously up-levelling the share button, which i have never used once in a decade, has taken me from "Evernote is a key pice of my daily workflow" to "how in the heck will I cope with this, and are there any alternative products". It may be consistent with your corporate goals for Evernote as a collaborative tool, but for my purposes, you just put all the important tools away in a drawer across the room. Who cares what color the sidebar is if the product is aggravating and inconvenient to use?
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