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  1. I had the most recent version (unless there was a new one today) and I only have about 600 notes. I waited at least an hour, actually, overnight, and they still were not visible. Hope this helps.
  2. Since this is a problem others are having and not just me, it makes one wonder what kind of QA Evernote is doing before releasing so many new features. It's really hard to understand how QA could have missed a problem of this magnitude. I've just imported all my notes into DEVONThink 3 and will be using that from now on. I'd prefer to use EN for a variety of reasons, but, as explained above, it seems no longer feasible.
  3. I upgraded to the desktop version 10.2.4. When I open it, I see all my notes in the snippets column, however, if I click on one, nothing appears in the note window other than notes I created by typing directly in a new note. But I can't see any of my other notes: things that I screen captured, images that I imported, nothing at all! If I use the online version, I can see everything. So, essentially, I have no more desktop Evernote. I'm on the Premium Plan. I'm on a 2019 MacBook Pro running macOS Catalina v. 10.15.7 I've downloaded 10.2.4 a few times already and it's always the same
  4. Is there a way to edit my post so that I can change the title? Thanks.
  5. I just installed v. 10.0 and noticed that now I have two EN create note icons in my menu bar (see attached image). They're both there only if my EN desktop app is open. If I click on the left one, it takes me from whatever window I'm in to my EN desktop app. Then, if I click it again I get a short menu with three choices: Open Evernote (but it's already opened), New Note, Quit Evernote. If the EN desktop app is not open, there's only the one icon on the right. If I want to create a note and click on it, I get a drop down window, but I can't create a note, that is, I can't get the cursor i
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