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  1. Windows computer, operating on a 64 bit system. I can't use Safari. I can use firefox, to get through this as a patch, but will not change that to my default for this one program forever as I don't like it and it does not fix the root of the problem. Sorry if I don't meet your standards - I am new to getting help in this type of forum.
  2. For three days I have not been able to clip anything. I have to open Evernote and I can copy and paste a web address into a note, but that is it. I can't clip anything. When I try to clip something from Chrome I get a message, "Clipper has encountered an error! Unknown error has occurred." I have deleted the extension, re downloaded, restarted the computer, and nothing seems to be working. I have several projects going and don't want to try and figure out a different software. I really like Evernote. It isn't one type of web page. It is all of them. Thanks.
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