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  1. "So I open note and scroll down till I find something then I have to click edit and it send me back to the top of the page. Now I need to scroll down with half the view-able area (keyboard up) to where i was. Why is there an edit button in the first place? Why can't it put my cursor in the spot I wanted to start editing instead of going to the top of the screen?"

    Five years later, and nothing's changed. Now I'm try to have shorter notes instead, just so it's not so difficult to find where I was. However, now I've got thoughts split between multiple notes, which is a pain given that the Android editor (even on a Chromebook) only allows one note open at a time. Sigh.

  2. I am getting pretty tired of having to reformat my notes every single day. This was an occasional problem when I used Android Evernote mostly on a phone, to fix an outline or shopping list while on the go -- but it's rather more frustrating now that I'm often editing articles-in-progress on a Pixelbook, on Windows, and on Mac.

    And no, I'm not switching to Google Docs until it improves offline capabilities.

    Yes, I am a paying user.

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