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  1. I am using the "new Evernote web" (as it is in April 2020) and I have two suggestions to improve moving of notes: Make the list of target notebooks that is displayed like a modal dialog filterable. Right now I always have to scroll down to find a specific notebook. Typing some part of the notebook name would make it way easier. It would also be great if the lastest 3 target notebooks would be displayed as first entries in the list. After moving the list of notes that is displayed in left always jumps to the beginning. That is sooooo annoying. Please keep the position! Because I'm working mainly with Linux system I use the web version of Evernote quite often. I enjoy that all my content gets synchronized to my mobile phone and tablet in Evernote Android. But web version ha lots and lots of potential. Hope you use this potential! 🙂
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