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  1. Home is just another screen we have to trip over to get to the note we're looking for. Where I could see 6 or 7 notes at a time on the landing page before, and quickly and easily scroll to see more, now I can see 2½, and it takes 2 taps in inconvenient-to-reach spots to get to that screen, or clumsily side-scrolling two at a time. We don't want cutesy, we want fast, reliable, easy and simple. Fix it.
  2. PLEASE enable a dark mode that switches the default background colors for the whole app (window header, menus, notes list, and the notes themselves) to dark gray or black and the default text color to light gray or white (user-selected text colors would of course override, but be adjusted for viewability). People who use the app a lot have been trying to tell you their eyes are bleeding. You've implemented this for Android (THANK YOU!), so you know how to make it work from a practical standpoint. Perhaps it's difficult from a programming standpoint, but PLEASE put the work in to make it happen
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