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  1. That's one I didn't test yet - actually I tested a few, but not all of them have templates (which are sometimes VERY useful. But I will follow your advice and test GoodNotes as well - thank you.
  2. First of all, I want to say that I love Penultimate, and it is like loving someone who doesn't fully deserve it - actually, if were not for the integration with Evernote, Penultimate should be considered one of the worst pencil-enabled apps for note taking. Let me try and summarize why: What is good: - Integration with Evernote: I use Penultimate and my iPad as a very expensive replacement for paper and pencil - but I'm happy anyway, because my back-of-the envelope notes do not get lost and I even have some limited search capabilities - Templates: I use some of them, and they ar
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