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  1. Why doesn't the stack show up when I search for it in notebook view? For example, I have a stack called "Recipes," with about 50 notebooks in the stack. If I type "recipes" in the search bar in the notebook view (Mac desktop version), nothing shows up. The only way to find a stack is to scroll through the notebooks and find it. Can this be changed?
  2. EN has been working and syncing beautifully for 2 years or more on my MBA 2010. I decided to truly go paperless in 2013 using EN after being so satisfied, and therefore upgraded to Premium. Now after all that, things are NOT syncing well. I have an apple script that automatically sends a file to EN. I used that to add several PDFs and JPEGs to EN. It works, the notes show up, and EN then starts a sync. But it never finished the sync. I've left EN to run overnight and it is still syncing in the morning. So I uninstalled EN and reinstalled. Things seemed to be ok for a while. Then I tried the same procedure and once again the syncing gets "stuck" and never completes. During this syncing, it won't let me quite the program, and I always have to force quit it. Any ideas? I've opened a support ticket but they've only suggested to uninstall and reinstall again. If I can't send PDFs and JPEGs to EN, then my goal of going paperless is moot, and I'll be stopping my Premium subscription. Thanks.
  3. I'd like to echo the need/desire for a star rating for notes. I understand the arguments of those in this forum against such a feature, but the best thing about Evernote is that is (more or less) adaptable to individual user's need. If you see no need for stars, then don't use them. I use tags but don't find all that helpful. I use Evernote as my primary recipe box and for this purpose it is fantastic. But other apps that are specifically designed for keeping recipes almost always has a feature in which you can rate the recipe. After trying a recipe, I like to rate it according to how much I liked it. I can't imagine that this would be incredibly difficult to implement.
  4. I like to keep a photo on the top of every note- it makes it look nicer and makes things easier to find. I was updating all my notes with photos, as some didn't have any, and it was working fantastically for a while. The I would paste the photo into the note, and the thumbnail image would automatically update. Then suddenly, it stopped. Now whenever I add a photo, the photo is displayed in the note view but never in the snippet/thumbnail view. And now when I close and reopen Evernote, the image in the note view is simply a question mark. I've tried different file types, it happens with all image files. This is really starting to annoy me because I organize all my recipes in Evernote and without photos of the dish it is certainly a lackluster platform. Any ideas on how to fix this? Is it a bug or something I'm doing wrong?
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