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  1. Yay, Evernote 5.0 solved the problem!!!! Finally. Words can't express how happy I am right now. Wooohooo ;-)
  2. Good news , the same issue still exists while using Mountain Lion. I've used screen recording to illustrate the issue which by the way I've shared also with the Evernote support group. For your interest, I've uploaded it to my dropbox account and here is the link to it - apologies for the mediocre quality but somehow dropbox does reduce the quality of the video... https://www.dropbox.com/s/npia96zkmke98b0/Evernote%20Viewer%20Pane%20freezing%20-%20Screen%20Recording.mp4 As you can see, I can click on a bunch of notes and once I've click on a note containing a pdf, it freezes on this note . I then opened the activity log and I can see error messages. I can click on other notes but they wont show in the viewing pane. The activity log details which note I'm trying to open but it throws an error. All this information has been submitted several times to the support group but I'm really getting sick of the lack of support. Not to get too much off topic but if anyone of you tried out the new Skitch version 2.0 on either Mac or iOS (iPad or iPhone) will quickly realize that quality control is really not up to par lately. It's really sad since Evernote is so unique and a fantastic approach for getting your thoughts and documents organized but if you can't rely on it, it just a toy...
  3. AndreZ, that is exactly the identical scenario I've experienced. I've offered any kind of support in order to get this fixed and in return nothing happened. Since we are obviously not the only ones experiencing these problems, I can't believe that Evernote Support just leaves it at that. No update, no follow up, nothing... I'm super disappointed. I'm also using Evernote on my iPad and the latest two version are also FULL of bugs and crashes constantly. I'm really worried about quality control of their software. I'm rely using Evernote for work as well and it just brakes my heart how buggy it became.... I've got little hope that they'll fix it. Btw, I even went through a whole new system install to check if there was any corrupt settings file or something and Evernote still exhibits the same screwed up phenotype. It hangs permanently on notes containing pdfs...
  4. Hey Jackolicious, thanks for your reply. As I've written before, I'm on the latest version of Evernote, even tried out the latest beta but there is no change regarding the problem. I've submitted a support ticket and I'm already getting replies but it still is the standard run of the mill "re-install Evernote, delete the Application Support/Evernote folder, etc." troubleshoot stuff. Anyways, it doesn't seem too widespread of a problem since I'm fighting with same issue since December 2010... I've always hoped with a new version of Evernote for Mac the issue would be resolved but so far no luck... Keep your fingers crossed that the tech team will have an epiphany and I can finally work with Evernote hassle free again...
  5. I've got exactly the same problems. I'm somehow glad I'm not alone but I guess it isn't that wide spread. The problem exists actually since more than a year but more recent versions of Evernote seem to make it worse. Instead of 2-3 notes containing pdf notes mine freezes now after just clicking 1 note containing a pdf. I've contacted Evernote support and they suggest of course the installation of a new beta, removing the application support folder/Evernote folder to re-download and re-index all the notes. I've even re-installed my whole Mac Operating system. NO SUCCESS... I've got a Macbook 5,1 with 8GB of RAM and Lion 10.7.4 running. All software is up to date. I've got no clue what is going on but if Evernote support helps me somehow, I'll post it here as well. If there any suggestions, please comment. I've also used AppCleaner to remove any Evernote plist files or settings to have a true clean install of Evernote. NO SUCCESS... My money is on some XCODE function using the build in pdf viewer and that thing somehow crashes. Maybe it only creates that error with MacBooks using the NVIDIA 9400 graphics card. Not sure, because that would probably effect more people. This is really strange and super annoying/frustrating...
  6. I want to print my notes from endnote 1.5.0 on my mac with details. I've noticed that I can print from the web but then I can only print one note at a time. The Windows people posted a work-around by replacing the printing templates "print.htm" and "print_note.htm". However, I cannot find anything like that on my mac. In my library folder I find the Preference files "com.evernote.Evernote.plist" and "com.evernote.EvernoteThumbnailer.plist" but neither of those files reveal an option to change the printing preferences. Also, there seems to be no indication for a preference file at "~/Library/Application Support/Evernote". Maybe I missed something but if someone could give me an idea how I could change the standard print format of a note it would be immensely appreciated. I think Evernote is so incredibly useful and so revolutionary with all the supported platforms. I hope the Evernote team can pull it off to enhance the search (using wildcards for example) and to customize the print format on Mac and Windows machines. Lets hope for the best. Thanks, Christian.
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