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  1. I am looking for a way to export a note with all it's metadata: date created, last edit date, tags, reminder, etc. Is this possible?
  2. RESOLVED I am now running EN on Windows 10 (1607). Today, I decided to test the native Ink Note functionality. I wrote a note and about 20 minutes later, text search worked on the handwriting. This didn't work 60 days ago. Not sure what changed when. It's a shame it took 4 years to get it fixed.
  3. Thank you Jeff. I can't wrap my head around why this is a touted feature left non-functional in the Windows App for so long.
  4. THREE AND A HALF YEARS - A MAJOR CODE REWRITE UP TO V. 6.2 - STILL NOT A WORD AND NO RESOLUTION I've now installed v. 6.2 on various Windows 10 devices. This problem persists (and ironically the Windows workaround still works). What makes this even more annoying is that EverNote iOS on iPad Pro now does great handwriting recognition in the native app. I am open to adjectives that describe this lack of customer support. You keep adding handwriting recognition to the other EN platforms. Microsoft Surface -- with handwriting capabilities (See their OneNote product) -- is taking the market by storm. Please either fix this or remove the ink note capability from EN for Windows.
  5. I've now installed Evernote Desktop/Windows 6.1.2.... Still no fix for ink notes created in Windows. Ink notes created on Android and iOS are text searchable in minutes. Not so for Windows. More than 50 days since the help desk closed my third ticket on this issue in 3 years with no fix.
  6. The Twitter account @EvernoteHelps asked me to put in another ticket request. I did. I supplied new sample .enex files and logs and got this nice note back: Korben D. (Evernote Help and Learning) Apr 14, 11:00 Thanks for your patience. I'll spare you the standard bug response since you're heard it all before. The issue is easily reproduced on our end 100% of the time, so there is no reason this shouldn't get some developer attention. I'm going to bring this up with the product manager to see if we can finally get this issue taken care of. Let me know if you have any questions or additional concerns you'd like me to take a look at. Regards, Korben I installed EN 6 for Windows Desktop today, with high hopes it might solve this issue. Alas, it did not. The search continues ...
  7. We are now coming up on THREE YEARS since my original support ticket on this item with no resolution other than "this is a bug." Happy Birthday Ink Note Bug!
  8. I put in my second support ticket on this item in this thread more than one year ago. I am now running Windows 10 and the current version of Evernote Windows Desktop. Still no resolution.
  9. I put in another Support Request on this item on Saturday, October 18, 2014. EN assigned it Ticket# 774109.
  10. Another six months have passed. I am now up to Windows 7/8 version (276732) public. Ink notes created in the windows desktop client are not being indexed and are not searchable.
  11. Still no response from Evernote Support. Evernote released ink notes in its android app today. Ink notes are OCR'd and searchable within seconds.
  12. My ticket number on the earlier request is: 16051-275100 I am now up to EN (270387) Public. The behavior described in the original post persists. The workaround described in the first post is still necessary. The inking problem does not appear to be hardware dependent. At all times, I am running the current public EN Desktop Client; I do not install the beta versions. I have replicated it on the following devices: --Samsung Series 7 Tablet PC running Windows 7 --Microsoft Surface Pro running Windows 8 Pro --Microsoft Surface Pro 2 running Windows 8.1 Pro --Dell Venue 8 Pro running Windows 8.1 Your assistance would be appreciated.
  13. I have now installed EN 5 public, and ink notes are still not OCRd.
  14. Heather: Thank you for your note. After my original posting, I received other messages from the support team acknowledging that Jack's email was sent in error. I subsequently sent the log files and the exported note to EN support. After several more messages, I received an email acknowledging this as a bug. I haven't heard back yet as to whether the bug is one of the fixes in or not.
  15. OS: Windows 7 & 8 EN: ISSUE: Ink Notes created in Evernote are not OCR'ed and therefore not searchable. CUSTOMER SUPPORT: Here is the text of an email from Jack at EN support: Dear Valued Customer, Sorry about that, Ink notes are not made for the purpose to be directly compatible with our OCR but specifically designed to be used with a fine-point drawing device, such as a stylus then imported as .png file, after that you can try to index. Hope it helps! Jack DISCUSSION: I've been an Evernote user since the early tablet PC days when the ability to use a pen to create handwritten notes made EN stand out. I even became a Premium subscriber to get priority access to the OCR capability. Since there is no menu or command for exporting native EN Ink Notes to .png files, the support reply is at least unhelpful. Further, it makes me wonder if Jack is aware that EN has the ability to create it's own Ink Notes (which used to be searchable for text before all OCR capability was moved from the application binaries to the servers). Furthermore, iOS users of Penultimate (an app acquired years after EN started) can send their handwritten notes straight to EN in three clicks for almost instant OCR. Finally, as you can see from the workaround below, there has to be a simpler fix than buying an app to make EN's own Ink Notes support EN's own OCR. WORKAROUND: Create new Ink Note. Write your text. From the Edit menu, click Select All. From the Edit menu, click Copy. Create a new note. From the Edit menu, click Paste. Sync. Wait a few minutes. Sync again. The handwriting copied from the Ink Note is now OCR'ed and searchable.
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