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  1. Hi Im using Safari 12.0.3 as shown in the card attached Im not using any VPN/proxy or firewall that could block either IP or web address Using Mojave OS 10.14.3 Now I've got the desk top working but with some sync issues as shown on the screen capture attached But still can't log into Evernote web account showing the same error page as previously sent Don't you have a web chat so we could sort this out?
  2. Im afraid ill loose all my content Its important stuff At this point i was just about buying a subscription and take my use of Evernote to next level Please help
  3. And now even desktop client isn't working properly It shows a withe car kipping loading but never ends
  4. I sure did And this morning i've got this one
  5. There were 3 But i have removed iPhone. Now only web and mac client remain
  6. Tried it all Was working ok till last night Just cleared cache again and it let me land on login page. But as soon as it enters the page it shuts again to the same reload page This morning when i first tried it show a message saying i have to disable one of my devices so i did Still not working
  7. Tried several times but always end up with a reload button
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