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  1. Five months on from my previous post on this and there's still no 'mirror' application that enables notes to be stored on the Palm Pre. This is a really essential requirement and I am limping without it. I'm having to use another application to take notes most of the time which I'm subsequently pasting into Evernote, which is crazy. That application also enables category browsing. And today an important note failed to load, leaving me embarrassed and with a problem : it loads fine on my desktop, but the Pre just can't access it. If the data were stored on the Pre I'm sure that wouldn't be a problem. Can anyone tell me whether Evernote are actually addressing this issue?
  2. I'd say proper 2-way synching (with data stored on the Pre) has to be top of the list, because that would not only be accessible out of access areas - which is enormously important (e.g. on a plane) but accessible immediately, without any login routines. The idea of an Evernote app that works with Pre memos sounds good. If Pre memos had been any good - why on earth Palm produced such a useless core app when all its pre-Pre devices had excellent memos functionality I can't imagine - many Pre-users probably wouldn't have looked out Evernote in the first place. Now I've found it, it's much more powerful than the Memos on my Zire : but it's the total dependence on slow and erratic log-in that undermines it. If Palm beat you to it with a Memos app that does what Evernote does and synchs to their Palm Profile, you'll lose a lot of customers. Maybe the Evernote app that's needed is a separate standalone app that carries all the Evernote functionality except the synch-to-web. BTW really appreciate a forum that the company's developers obviously monitor regularly and respond to!
  3. That's a shock to me, too. I assumed the data was also on my Pre. But I go through periods of failure to log in for which I can see no reason except perhaps the servers are too busy, and when that happens I'm stuck. There are going to be situations where that is a serious problem because there's crucial information I need in a hurry. The Palm Pre has plenty of space to store my notes. Please, Evernote guys - let's have a solution fast! The Pre went live in the UK last week, but it's been in the States a good while now. Also : am I right about these log-in failures or have I another problem? The error message relates to Google.
  4. Pre is launched in UK now. Smart device, although nightmares with Google calendar synching : none with Evernote though! Amazed that Palm ditched their core Memos application so carelessly (it's the functionality of things like that that secured their reputation) : field is wide open for Evernote. I use notes very heavily, and the search facility from the Pre, whilst excellent if you know exactly what you're looking for, is of little use in some of my key uses. You don't always know exactly what you're looking for - that's the power of Palm's old memos. Evernote offers even more powerful browsing by having both notebooks and tags - brilliant! But these are not currently usable from the Pre itself, which is exactly when I need it! I hope the key upgrade - soon - will be to enable this.
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