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  1. I tried again this morning to sync the two pending notes unsuccessfully. I then deleted the two notes and tried again by adding a new test note. This time the test note did sync with the server without problems. Not sure why. Maybe there was a problem with the previous notes or a problem with the server yesterday? Emanuel
  2. I have two new notes created on my palm pre and I can't sync them with my evernote account. I am online and can see all of my notes. I have a good wifi and cell connection. If I click the evernote menu I can go to the pending updates card were I can see the 2 notes but every time I click on the sync symbol at the bottom left of the window I get the same error message: "failed to sync pending notes". If I try to logout I get an alert that there are pending notes that will be lost if I logout. Can anyone help me to solve this? Thanks
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