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  1. I saw no alternative, my EV remains unusable. To their credit, Evernote issued me a refund for the remainder of my Premium subscription. I have been an Evernote Premium user since 2013 and really enjoyed and recommended the app despite the price but this was too much.
  2. I switched to Bear. So far so good! The only flaw is a 'search and go to' a specific section of a long note. The app developers are very receptive to suggestions and indicate it is on the agenda for the future. And it costs $15.00!
  3. It is essentially useless on my iPad.I am fixing it by switching to a different platform.
  4. Agree! I am doing a trial of Bear app. I have stuck with Evernote since 2013 and use it daily but this has gone too far. It costs too much to not function.
  5. Well I can’t really get anything to open on the app so flash flash flash flash is an improvement, sorta. My support ticket is still open I think.?
  6. Well I am able to at least open my notes on the web version but it is very slow and clunky. Hopefully the app Will be fixed or I will be forced to find an alternative.
  7. I have followed these directions and it stil is useless on iPad. I am a premium subscriber and have submitted two support tickets.....
  8. Unusable on my iPad also! I have not updated my phone for fear of the same results. How do you use the web app on an iPad?
  9. New iOS version is useless! I am unable to open notes. I am paying for this service. if you haven’t updated , don’t. I use this app on a daily basis and need it to be fixed or a refund. I have submitted 2 support tickets with no reply.
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