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  1. I also have this problem. I've re-installed the app. I think I'll uninstall again... and then NOT re-install... ever... It's time to move to an alternative, reliable app.
  2. (new version 8.0) When I search a notebook (using the search field seen after pulling down the left column), and then select a search result in the left column, the WRONG item is displayed! When I click another item, a different, but still incorrect item is displayed in the right-hand pane. It's impossible to display the item I selected from the search result list! Anyone else see this? (I already did a reinstall to get past the crash-on-start)
  3. Crashed on launch for me too. Only fix was to remove and reinstall the app. Not sure if it's related, but when I search a notebook (in search field seen after pulling down the left column), and then select a search result, the WRONG item is displayed! Wow.
  4. Maybe we're getting somewhere.... Actually, I'm not pasting from web pages, just typing with plain text, or modifying plain text notes. You've given me a hint however by saying that I'm using a font that isn't in the fonts provided by Evernote... hmmm... Actually, I don't care which font I use... I just want a proportional font and a monospaced font that are ALWAYS IN THE FONT LIST. I need to point out that Lucida Grande is indeed IN THE LIST (for me). Is this font not a default Evernote font? Please let me know. A long time ago I selected Lucida Grande in Evernote preferences as the default font. By the way, the default font selection allows you to choose ANY font from OS X. Again, I don't care which font, I just want the font to ALWAYS be AVAILABLE. If I select a different default font, will that solve my problem? If so, which font should I select? Which proportional fonts will ALWAYS be on the Evernote font list? Thanks!!
  5. My default Lucida Grande font sometimes disappears from the font selection drop-down menu. Here's where I notice it: - Start a note or edit an existing note (in Lucida Grande font) - Switch to another font (like Andale Mono) - Try to switch back to Lucida Grande -- Lucida Grande is NO LONGER APPEARS ON THE FONT SELECTION LIST This problem has persisted for quite some time, and I'm just now getting time to report it. Is there a fix? Thanks. Evernote Mac 5.0 (but this font problem existed in prior versions)
  6. Reinstalliing didn't help. Evernote still cancels the shutdown, but it shuts itself down in the process. Then I have to click Apple, Shut Down again.
  7. Every time I shut down OS X, I see an error box saying that the shutdown process was cancelled by Evernote. I have to then manually shut down Evernote, then shutdown OS X again. This can't be normal... How can this be avoided? I'm using Evernote 3.0.5, with OS X 10.7.2
  8. Thank you. It sounds like this will work. I'll have to guess which date to restore, but that's ok. Its still a mystery how this notebook just disappeared, but it wasn't an important one and had only a few notes... Thanks again.
  9. Thanks. I'm glad I'm not the only one seeing this. A yellow highlight of the search term(s) would be so much better than darkening the entire note.
  10. I have 4 notebooks. 3 are online and one is local. I just noticed that the local notebook is gone. How do I get it back? I have time machine backups if that will help. Thanks.
  11. Anyone? I guess I'll have to make a screencast of this... I search for a term, Evernote finds it and turns the note grey. I click on the grey note so I can see it... (the grey disappears, then returns) I click on the grey note again so I can see it... PLEASE eliminate this grey shading!!! I just want to see my notes after searching! For now, what can I do the eliminate the REPEAT gray shading?
  12. After searching, your results are highlighted in gray, which needs to be clicked-on to see your entire note. I'm using version 1.6.1, and the gray background often re-appears, and I you must click AGAIN to clear it. This happens about half the time when searching. Is this a bug? Please, get rid of this gray highlighting. Its a nuisance. The extra clicking is a waste of effort. Just highlight the result in yellow.
  13. I would also like to see a title/date option for printing with the Mac client.
  14. I'm a noob, but when I select text in my browser and right-click I see "Add to Evernote." I have not installed this automator script. I assume this functionality is from the Firefox add-on "Evernote Web Clipper." Would I gain anything by using this automator script?
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