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  1. I agree with mdh98368. If you save notes on lots of different topics, and you want to "jot down" interesting things you run across while you're doing something else, instant response is critical. If I'm on my webmail page and I spot a link to a news story on auto safety, I want to save that quickly to the Notebook I'm keeping for my upcoming car purchase. If I have to stop, open another tab, go to Evernote, log in, scroll through my list of notebooks, pick one, make it the new default, return to the browser tab with the webmail in it (when I might have 3 or 4 other tabs open), then click the link for the safety story, add tags, and save, then I'll have forgotten what e=mail I'm reading and what I want to do with it. Leaving it until later to go back and allocate today's Notes to the appropriate Notebooks is even less likely to work. This is a make-or-break feature for me. I think I'll return to Diigo or try another bookmarking app: WebSnips and i-Lighter look interesting.
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