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  1. It's the departure of Phil Libin that led to the downturn. Evernote used to add new features to the high end and sometimes add formerly high-end features to the free accounts. This reversal of that trend in addition to the fact that many user suggestions that are not hard to implement are still not being added tells me that the new features are no longer happening. They're trying to get more money from premium users without paying the programmers to improve the apps and services. With all the competition these days in software and cloud services, this does not bode well for the "hundred year company" plan. It's called "Ever" note because you're supposed to store things there "forever". I never fully believed that but I appreciated the goal. Now I don't even believe the goal.
  2. You can password protect notes (actually, parts of notes, but you can select all of the content) and the iPhone app can decrypt for display, but I don't see the mobile app letting me add encrypted content. That would be a good answer if the iPhone app could create encrypted content. If it can, I don't see it in the UI. Perhaps you could make a second account and share another notebook from that account to your main account. When you're not at your computer, disconnect the other account/notebook. This isn't really the right solution, though. What you ought to do is on your shared computer, logon to an auxiliary account which only has access to the notebooks you will let others see. On your iPhone, logon to your real account. When you are at your computer, switch Evernote to logon to your own account. When you leave the shared computer, logout Evernote and logon to the shared account.
  3. You do not have to sign out. The only way you'll see a problem is if you change a note on one device and then change that same note on the other device before the synchronizations through the server bring the changes over. In that case, when the sync'ing finally does happen, you'll get a conflict and Evernote will move one version of the note into its own new notebook and will pop up a notification to let you know this happened. You then have to manually compare them and change the note to what you want.
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