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  1. Thank you @agsteele, but I'm afraid that isn't really what I meant. I'm fine reordering the individual tasks, what I'd like is to be able to more easily reorder the notes I have within the tasks bar that opens when you click on the tasks tab on the left hand side. So, multiple notes with their own tasks within them, would like to reorder them more easily beyond just pinning one to the top.
  2. Just wanted to say thank you @Element1604for the incredibly detailed posts. I came here to say that I absolutely love the tasks function, as an Evernote user of about eight years, it's basically making an enhanced feature out of something I was using individual notes for previously. One additional feature I'd like to request for the future is making it easier to reorder the individual task notes if possible, maybe with a drag and drop feature if possible? Stressing that its current functionality is already great, however. Thanks!
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