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  1. Really? 10.6.9 add dictionary? .. Come on... I need "disable spell check."!
  2. Version 10.6 is released. “Learn Spelling” / Add to Dictionary is now available via right click context menu in the editor. This will add the word to an Evernote custom dictionary, and it will be no longer flagged by spellcheck. But, there is no function to disable Spell check. There is only "Add to Dictionary". Maybe, English user almost solved "red line"(I'm not sure because I'm not English user). But, non-English user is not. Still red line is every where. (Don't talk to me.. add every red line word to dictionary... that's horrible. I have to add thousands word all day.) I really need Ability to disable spell check!
  3. [Version 10.3] Ability to disable spell checking ▲ Why still checked as "solved"? We said so may times, "It's not solved"!!
  4. This is update. I thought It's solved after update to Version 10.4. But, it's not. In the image, that note was deleted 3~4month ago(I'm not sure but, at least 1~2month ago). (Of course, note is empty white space.) Hope this is solved soon.
  5. Oh, sorry. I mean, on the web, I used chrome function(ctrl+p) and slect save as PDF. You are right. Evernote web version also doesn't have option to save as PDF.
  6. Thanks. In the web version, there is an option "save as PDF(also have option "print to pdf")". But, Win10 Version doesn't have 'save as PDF'. If I want to make PDF, I have to use option "print > print to pdf". - save as PDF : I can select text. - print to PDF : I can't select text(it is printed Image type.) Thanks!
  7. EverNote V10, I can't find PDF export option. There is only 'enex' option. Of course, I can print to PDF. But, the PDF is not good for me becasue it is just image type, so I can't copy & paste text. If there is already an option, let me know. If it is impossible on Evernote 10, let me know how to solve this problem. Thank you!
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