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  1. Hi, The fingerprint unlock seems to be an add-on to the PIN unlock. However, it would be more secure if these were separate options such that either or both could be enabled. Now that I have a fingerprint unlock, I really don't want a 4-digit workaround available. It is not as if the PIN prevents people getting locked out. One can always use the account password to get in. Thank you.
  2. Hi, Oxygen OS (OnePlus version of Android) supports "parallel apps." This is a feature where an app essentially can exist twice on the phone, once each for different credentials. This would be really useful for those of us who have both personal and business Evernote accounts. Could you consider adding it? Thank you.
  3. Sure but why not do that from a combined name/e-mail and password page like everyone else -- including Evernote previously?
  4. I completely agree and came here to make the same suggestion but, fortunately, checked first to see if there was already a request. It is such a strange thing that I was wondering if the current separation serves some security purpose, although I do not have a theory what that would be.
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